Computing Golden Rules

Please read the Golden Rules for KS2 below, then fill in the details at the bottom of the page and submit your agreement.

I will always ask permission from a trusted adult before using the internet.
If I see anything I am unhappy with or receive a message I do not like, I will immediately show a teacher / responsible adult. I will not respond to it.
I will only communicate online with people I know, or my teacher has approved.
Both at school and at home, I must never give my home address, phone number, send a photograph or video, or give any other personal information that could be used to identify me, my family or my friends, unless a trusted adult has given me permission.
I will not download, upload or copy anything from the internet unless specifically asked to do so by an adult.
I will not open an attachment before checking with a trusted adult.
I will not take or share images of anyone without their permission.
I will only use USB devices in school when given permission by my teacher.
I will only use programmes and content which have been installed by the school.
I understand that the school will check my use of the computing systems, email and other digital communications.
I will only edit or delete my own files and not look at, or change, other people’s files without their permission.
All my online communications will be polite and sensible.
I will only use the school computers for school work unless I have permission to do otherwise.
I will never try to change the settings of the computer or tablet.
I will take care of all computing equipment especially when carrying laptops and devices.
I understand that children in Year 5 and 6 are allowed to bring a named mobile phone only if they are walking to or from school on their own. This must then be handed to their teacher at the beginning of the school day and will then be locked away until the end of the day when they can be picked up from the office.
I must not use phones on school premises unless specific permission has been given by an adult. This includes before school, on the playground, after school clubs and events.



As a user of the school network, I have read the rules above and I understand what they mean. I also understand that these
rules are to keep everyone safe and to help us be fair to others.  I agree to follow these rules at all times.                              

The information you submit is confidential and for school use only. Your details will not be disclosed to any external organisations.