Parking Advice

Please be considerate to the residents and other road users in and around Durham Close when parking your vehicle near to the School whilst dropping off / picking up children.
Please try not to bring your vehicle into Durham Close as this can cause a danger to the children, congestion in the Close and higher levels of pollution around the school.
If you do need to travel to School by car, please consider these points...

Park safely so as not to cause a danger to the children and other pedestrians!
Park thoughtfully so as not to cause a nuisance to residents and other road users!
Park Legally!!
Switch off your engines whilst waiting, to help reduce pollution!

Park in the turning areas at the end of the Close!
Park on a Corner or a Junction!
Block the drives of local residents!!

Click HEREPDF to view a letter from the Police reminding us of the Parking Regulations

The police do patrol the area from time to time and fines have been issued to Offenders!!