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2016/17 Term Dates Calendar

2017/18 Term Dates Calendar

Term Dates 2016 - 2017 Summary

Term 1    

New reception children with   
birthdays falling :- 

Term 1    
Term 2    

Term 3    

Term 4    

Term 5    

Term 6    










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Thursday 1st September (INSET-Staff only)
Friday 2nd September (INSET-Staff only)
Monday 5th September - Autumn term starts for children
Monday 5th September (Mornings only)
Full time from Monday 26th Septemeber

Monday 12th September (Mornings only)
Full time from Tuesday 26th Septemeber

Monday 19th September (Full time)
Wednesday 19th October

Monday 31st October (INSET - staff only)
Tuesday 1st November (children)
Friday 16th December

Tuesday 3rd January (INSET - staff only)
Wednesday 4th January (children)
Friday 10th February

Monday 20th February
Friday 7th April

Monday 24th April
Monday 1st May (Bank Holiday)
Friday 26th May

Monday 5th June (INSET - staff only)
Tuesday 6th June (children)
Tuesday 25th July


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2016 - 2017

Autumn, Term 1


Monday 5th September
Monday 12th September

Tuesday 13th September

Wednesday 14th September
Thurssday 15th September
Monday 19th September

Tuesday 20th September
Wednesday 21st September

Thursday 22nd September

Friday 23rd September
Tuesday 27th September

Tuesday 27th - Friday 30th September
Wednesday 28th September
Thursday 29th September

Friday 30th September
Monday 3rd October    
Tuesday 4th October    

Thursday 6th October     
Monday 10th October     

Tuesday 11th October     

Wednesday 12th October     

Friday 14th October     

Wednesday 19th October     


Autumn term 1 begins for children
Football club starts
School Council and Eco Rep elections
Year 5 trip.   House Captain elections
Year 1 curriculum evening, 6 pm
Year 5 swimming starts
Year 6 curriculum evening, 6 pm
Clubs Start
Reception 2106 curriculum evening, 6 pm
Year 4 curriculum evening at 6 pm
Year 6 Coffee Morning
Year 6 Assembly, 2.45 pm
Year 2 curriculum evening, 5:30 pm
Year 3 curriculum evening, 5:30 pm
Reception curriculum evening, 6 pm
House Cross Country
Year 5 curriculum evening, 6 pm
Football match away, St. Edwards
PTA meeting, 7pm
MacMillan Coffee Morning in year groups
Year 2 class assemby
Year 4 Trip to Corinium Museum
Book Fayre, 3:15 - 4:00 pm
Book Fayre, 3:15 - 4:00 pm
Book Fayre, 3:15 - 4:00 pm
Open morning for Reception 2017 entry, 9:15-11:45 am
Football match, home
Maths morning
Year 1 Literature Festival trip - Rob Biddulph
Year 3 Literature Festival trip - Phil Earle
Year 4 Literature festival trip - Pamela Butchart
Year 2 Literature Festival trip - Simon James
Maths challenge
Football match, home
Parents evening 5:00 - 7:30 pm
Harvest assemblies: KS1 9:20 am, KS2 10:20 am
Parents evening 3:30 - 6:00 pm
Year 5 and 6 Literature Festival trip - Piers Torday
Albert Dix Tournament
Last day of term 1, 3:15 pm finish


Autumn, Term 2

Tuesday 1st November

Thursday 3rd November
Friday 4th November
Wednesday 9th November

Thursday 10th November

Friday 11th November

Monday 14th November
Wednesday 16th November
Thursday 17th November
Friday 18th November
Wednesday 23rd November
Friday 25th November
Wednesday 30th November

Friday 2nd December
Sunday 4th December
Tuesday 6th December
Thursday 8th December
Friday 9th December
Tuesday 12th December

Tuesday 13th December
Wednesday 14th December
Friday 16th December
Autumn term 2 begins for children
Football match home vs St. Edwards
School photographs
House football
Year 5 coffee morning
PTA firework display
Open morning for Reception 2017 entry 9:15-10:30 am
Football match, away
Remembrance Service led by Year 6, 10:30
Year 4 maths challenge
House spelling/grammar day
Class assembly Reception
Football match, away
Children in Need
Class assembly, Year 5
PTA Christmas Supper and Choir Competition after school
Year 4 coffee morning
Year 4 class assembly
Report 1 out
Reception nativity am & pm
Sunday - Choir @ Link Centre
Year 1 Christmas celebration am & pm
Year 2 Christmas play
Year 2 Christmas play
Infant party
Junior party
Junior Christmas Service
Christmas Dinner
Last day of term 2, 1:30 pm finish

Spring, Term 3

Wednesday 4th January   
Wednesday 11th January   

Wednesday 18th January   
Friday 20th January   
Wednesday 25th January   
Friday 27th January   
Tuesday 31st January   
Wednesday 1st February 
Friday 3rd February 
Wednesday 8th February 
Friday 10th February 
Spring Term 3 begins for children
Year 3 coffee morning
Year 3 Class assembly
Class assembly, Year 1
House rugby
Class assembly, Year 2
PTA Bingo night. 6 pm - 8:30 pm
Young Voices
Class assembly Year 5
Maths Day
PTA sponsored event
Last day of term 3, 3:15 pm finish

Spring, Term 4

Monday 20th February 
Wednesday 22nd February 
Friday 24th February 
Monday 27th February 
Wednesday 1st March     
Thursday 2nd March     
Wednesday 8th March     

Friday 10th March     
Wednesday 15th March     
Friday 17th March     
Tuesday 23rd March     

Friday 24th March     

Tuesday 28th March     
Wednesday 29th March     

Wednesday 5th April        

Friday 7th April       
Spring Term 4 begins
Year 2 coffee morning
House rugby
Take One Book Week
Class assembly, Year 1
World Book Day
Class assembly, Reception
Year 1 curriculum evening
Football tournament - Girl's team
Class assembly, Year 3
House orienteering
Class assembly, Year 4, 2:45 pm
Year 3 Egyptian Day
Red Nose Day
Report 2 out
Football tournament - B team
Parents evening, 3:30 pm - 6:00 pm
Year 1 coffee morning
Parents evening, 5:00 pm - 7:30 pm
Reception coffee morning
Easter assembly, pm
Last day of term 4, 3:15 pm finish

Summer, Term 5

Monday 24th April 
Monday   1st May
Monday 8th May
Friday 12th May
Monday 22nd May
Tuesday 23rd May

Wednesday 24th May

Thursday 25th May

Friday 26th May
Summer Term 5 begins
Bank Holiday - no school
KS2 SATs week
PTA Film Night
House Netball (beginning of Sports Week)
KS1 sports
KS2 House Rounders
KS2 field events
KS1 House Rounders
KS2 sports carousel
KS2 track events
Last day of term 5, 3:15 pm finish

Summer, Term 6

Tuesday 6th June 
Monday 12th June 
Thusday 15th June 
Friday 16th June 
Tuesday 20th June 
Wednesday 21st June 
Friday 23rd June 
Saturday 24th June 
Tuesday 27th June 
Wednesday 28th June 
Tuesday 4th July  
Wednesday 5th July  
Friday 7th July  
Wednesday 12th July  
Thursday 13th July  
Friday 14th July  

Monday 17th July  
Tueday 25th July  

Summer Term 6 begins
Healthy Schools Week
New reception meeting, 7:00 pm
Year 4 PGL weekend
New reception visits
New reception visits
House Ultimate Frisbee
PTA Summer Motor Show - TBC
New reception visits
New reception visits
New reception visits
New reception visits
House cricket
New reception coffee morning
Report 3 out
Open afternoon
PTA Summer Fun Day
Year 6 PGL week
Leavers assembly, 10:00 am
Last day of term 6, 1:30 pm finish