Extreme Weather Plan



If the playground is flooded please take your child to the Nature Area entrance and let them go to their classroom by themselves.  Parents are asked not to come into school (unless they need to see the teacher) otherwise there will be far too much “traffic” inside the building.


Teachers will prepare the children for leaving earlier than usual and will keep the children in the classroom ready with coats and bags. Parents can enter the school through the Infant Hall entrance, go to the classroom, pick up their child and leave through the classroom external door and go home.  Parents will also need to go around the Infant building via the Nature Area route as the playground has a tendency to flood when water pours off the playing field onto the top corner near the year 2 classrooms.  If it is impossible for children and parents to leave via the classroom door then they can leave through the library entrance or the Nature Area entrance.  Prams/buggies must be left outside the building as it would create far too much additional congestion inside school.

In extreme cases (similar to July 2007 when the whole playground was flooded) we will operate a one way system where parents can enter via the Nature Area entrance and leave through the Library entrance.



Children will be prepared earlier than usual so that they can leave promptly at 3.15 pm so that parents are not kept waiting on the front playground.  Parents are advised to dress appropriately in these circumstances as there are no sheltered areas available.