Curriculum Support

Here are some useful links to help you support your child with the work we do in school


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Curriculum Evenings 2016-17

 Reception : Thursday 22nd September, 6 pm
          Year 1 : Tuesday 13th September, 6 pm     
              Year 2 : Wednesday 21st September, 5:30pm
                    Year 3 : Thursday 22nd September, 5:30 pm        
                       Year 4 : Tuesday 20th September, 6 pm                  
                            Year 5 : Tuesday 27th September, 6pm                        
                            Year 6 : Thusday 15th September, 6 pm                       

Curriculum Support Material

Supporting Curriculum Evening Material:     Reception    Y1     Y2    Y3    Y4    Y5    Y6    PDF
                         Suggested Reading List:     Reception    Y1     Y2    Y3    Y4    Y5    Y6    PDF

Reception : Phonemes Song PDF             
                 Digraphs Song

     Year 1 : Phonics Phase 5 YouTube Video
                                   Phonemes, Digraphs & Trigraphs PDF

Year 3: Grammar Glossary 1 PDF
             Grammar Glossary 2