Meet The Staff

The Senior Leadership Team

Mrs Flooks (Head Teacher)
Mrs Andrews (Assistant Head)
Mr Antonious (Assistant Head)
Mrs Harvey (Business Manager)
Miss Rand (Head of EYFS)
Mr. Williams (Head of KS2)
Mrs. Harrison (Head of KS1)
Ms Nicholson (SENCo and The Designated Teacher)

Special Educational Needs, Pastoral Care and Forest School Leader

Ms Nicholson (SENCo and The Designated Teacher)
Mrs Smith (Pastoral Care Lead)
Mrs Chavasse (Forest School Leader)
Miss Phillips (TA and Pastoral Support Assisstant)

Reception Year

Mr Bailey (RB Teacher)
Miss Rand (RR Teacher)
Mrs Compton (RB Teaching Assistant)
Mrs Webb (RR Teaching Assistant)

Year 1

Mr Antonious (1W Teacher)
Miss Weir (1H Teacher)
Mrs Matthews (1W Teaching Assistant)
Mrs Edwards (1H Teaching Assistant)

Year 2

Mr Herbert (2H Teacher)
Mrs Harrison (2W Teacher)
Mrs Smith (2W Teacher)
Ms Albertsen (Teaching Assistant)
Mrs Hill (2W Teaching Assistant)
Mrs Gregson (Infant Teaching Assistant)

Year 3

Mr Bridgwood (3H Teacher)
Mrs Weaver (3W Teacher)
Mrs Stafford (3H Teaching Assistant)
Mrs West (3W Teaching Assistant)

Year 4

Mrs Redman (4W Teacher)
Mrs Taylor ( 4H Teacher)
Mrs Wintle (4H Teacher)
Mrs Lee (4W Teaching Assistant)
Mrs Judge (4W Teaching Assistant)
Mrs Phillips (4W Teaching Assistant)
Mrs Tustin (4H Teaching Assistant)

Year 5

Mrs Catchpole (5W Teacher)
Mrs Gaisford (5H Teacher)
Miss Barrett (5S Teacher)
Miss Fisher (5W Teaching Assistant)
Mrs Davies (5W Teaching Assistant)
Mrs Field (5H Teaching Assistant)
Mrs Chavasse (5S Teaching Assistant)

Year 6

Mr Williams (6W Teacher)
Mrs Andrews (6H Teacher)
Mrs Davis (6W Teaching Assistant)
Mrs Flenley (6H Teaching Assistant)
Mrs Phillips (4W Teaching Assistant)
Mrs Ashenhurst (Teaching Assistant

Our Team of Permanent PPA Teachers

Mrs Bruce (Teacher)
Mrs Greenland (Teacher)
Mrs Tucker (Teacher)
Mrs Smith (Teacher)
Mrs Jones (Teacher)

Our Non-Teaching Team

Mrs Harvey (Business Manager)
Mr Herbert (Site Manager)
Mrs Allen (Office Administrator)
Mrs Nowacka (School Administrator)
Mrs Young (School Receptionist)

Our Midday Supervisory Assistants

Mrs Herbert (Leader)
Mrs Baxter-Watts
Mrs Newman
Mrs Scott
Mrs Shillam
Ms Snape
Mrs Solcani
Mrs Stiling
Mrs Sumera
Mrs Taylor
Mrs Whippman
Mrs Wilkes
Mrs Young

Our Cleaners

Mrs Baxter-Watts
Mr Davis
Mrs Fagan
Mrs Feighery
Mrs Stanley
Mrs Shillam
Mrs Taylor
Mr Walter
Mrs Wilkes