School Routine and Information 2017 – 2018


The Department for Education (Dfe) has requested that reasons for all absences must be recorded and the findings included in statistics. It is essential therefore that the class teacher is aware of the reason for every absence and a note should be sent to school on every occasion. If it is necessary due to emergencies to make dental or medical appointments during school hours parents are then asked to inform the class teacher in advance so that the child may receive an attendance mark and be ready to leave school at the appropriate time or if arriving late in the morning arrangements can be made for lunch time.

Please note that should you have to take holidays during term time authorisation cannot be given. Forms are obtainable from the school office or website.

School attendance
National average


We believe that positive behaviour management is the best possible way to ensure that the atmosphere in school is both calm and well ordered. Children are expected to conform to certain standards of behaviour, and an important part of their education is the acquisition of self-discipline. Self-discipline has to be taught, both in the classroom and around the school.

Teachers by their very attitudes and expectations, emphasise high standards. All children are expected to conform to these high standards of behaviour, both within the building and outside, in the interests of individual boys and girls and society in general. When sanctions need to be applied these take the form of loss of privileges e.g. missing playtime. As there are close links between home and school, parents would be advised automatically on the very rare occasions when an individual child does not conform to the normal standards of behaviour expected in school.
Our Behaviour Policy also makes clear reference to anti-bullying procedures. Our view is to take this matter very seriously, although we feel our positive approach to behaviour management over the years has minimised incidents of serious bullying.


Children are weighed and measured in their first and last years at primary school. The nurse is available to support parents with health ssues and occasionally staff might suggest a referral. A member of staff will attend to any minor cuts and bruises. However, should anything more serious occur parents and where necessary the hospital will be contacted immediately. For this reason it is imperative that the school contact form, including emergency contact numbers, is updated as soon as necessary. 

The school does not dispense medicines, unless there are special circumstances. Parents are welcome into school at lunch-time for this purpose.


If Junior children arrive after 8:55 a.m. they should report to the main office so their names can be entered in the register. We ask that parents let school know if children are going to be absent. After taking the register in the morning teachers inform the office of any child who is absent without a reason. If the office has not heard we will text home to check. We do this as a precaution and hope that it will happen rarely. 

Also if children have been sick we would ask that parents allow them a 48 hour period after the sickness for recovery so that they do not return to school too early and end up passing the bugs on to others. Sometimes they can appear to be well and they insist they want to go to school (which we really admire!). However, our experience is that they are not and parents are recalled to school.


The school provides cooked meals at a cost of £2.28 per day which are prepared in our own kitchen by an experienced caterer. If you wish your child to have a cooked meal you must pay on line in advance via Parentpay, log in details are available from the school office.

School Cooked Lunch Menu for Autumn Term 1 2017
School Cooked Lunch Menu for Autumn Term 2 2017 
Free School Meals Information and Application Form 

If you prefer your child to bring a packed lunch, please ensure this does not contain nuts, sweets, gum or glass containers. Chocolate biscuits are allowed as part of the packed lunch. Infant children eat their lunch in the Infant Hall and Juniors in the Junior Hall. We have seen the successful introduction of a Government scheme which provides a free piece of fruit or vegetable every day for all our Infant children. This year we will continue with our fruit or vegetable only policy at breaktime for ALL children. They can decide with parents’ help what is best for lunch and part of their education in school involves learning all about a healthy diet. However, they will probably need a little help in making the right choices!


Milk is available in school and is supplied free to children under 5 years of age. Milk is supplied by Cool Milk at School Ltd.
All enquires and orders should be directed to:

Cool Milk at School Ltd.,
PO Box 994,
LN5 5GS.
Telephone 0800 3897157

Order forms are available from the School Office or click HERE for online ordering.


As you can imagine, handling all the money which comes into school is very complicated and it is essential that accurate records are kept. For this reason the teachers keep a note of all contributions in their class. Therefore please send all money to the individual child’s teacher rather than bringing it to the office in a sealed envelope which clearly shows the child’s name, the class, the amount enclosed and the reason for sending it, e.g., John Jones, Class 3, £3, school visit money. 

If you have to combine a family payment in one envelope please name all the children so that all the teachers can be informed that the money has been paid. Children should not leave money in coat pockets, bags or loose in desks or trays.
Parents wishing to make payments by cheque should make them payable to: “Warden Hill Primary School”.

Policy on charging for school activities

The school wishes to provide, for all pupils, the best possible educational opportunities available within the funds allocated. We recognise however that many educationally valuable activities will be dependent on the willingness and ability of parents to make voluntary contributions, as the school could not afford to offer activities without such contributions. The school tries to keep financial contributions to a reasonable minimum and tries to ensure that all children are able to take part, irrespective of circumstances. In almost every case, the P.T.A. subsidises trips to reduce costs. A copy of the school’s policy is available on the website should you wish to see it and the Headteacher is always willing to discuss the charging policy with parents.

Safety of Children

We strongly ask parents not to drive cars into Durham Close, even on wet days. Please park in Lincoln Avenue or other nearby roads and walk your children to school. There are always a large number of parked cars on surrounding roads and this can make journeys to and from school more hazardous than normal especially if children have to cross roads from behind parked vehicles. We do our best to make children aware of these dangers but expect parents to take responsibility for ensuring their children are safe on the way to and from school. To help train the pupils, please ensure that you and your children always walk on footpaths, particularly near the school gates and in the school grounds.

Infant children must be escorted onto their playground, where parents should wait until the whistle is blown. At home-time Infant children should be collected from the playground. If an unknown representative does this for them, school must be informed. Please note that pre-school children should not be allowed on the Infant play equipment. 

Also, for health and safety reasons, dogs are not allowed in the school grounds.

Sex and Relationships

Sex and Relationship Education (SRE) is also included as part of our PSHCE (Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education) and the school has adopted the Cambridgeshire Scheme as the main teaching focus. There has been a parents’ evening held to discuss this scheme and further opportunities will be offered to parents before it is time to teach the SRE part of the scheme in each year group. Policies for these areas are also available on the website.


Juniors: Morning 8:55 am – 12:15pm, Afternoon 1:15 pm –  3:15 pm
Infants: Morning 8:55 am – 12:15 pm, Afternoon 1:15 pm –  3:15 pm

All children have a 15 minute morning break. The Infants also have a 15 minute afternoon break.

The playground whistle will blow at 8.55 a.m. and children should aim to be on the playground well before this time. However, children should not arrive before 8.45 a.m. as supervision is not offered before that time.

Children should not play on any of the school adventure playground equipment unsupervised before the start of and after the end of school. If children go home to lunch they should not be back in school until ten minutes before the afternoon session.