Warden Hill Primary School Cheltenham

Attendance / Reporting Absences

To report an absence of your child please send a message via the Xpressions app.

You need to send an absence message in EVERY MORNING by 9:30am at the latest. Please include a brief description of reason/symptoms.

If the school does not receive a message by then, the absence will be marked as unauthorised.

The Department for Education (DfE) has requested that reasons for all absences must be recorded and the findings included in statistics. It is essential therefore that the class teacher is aware of the reason for every absence and a note should be sent to school on every occasion. If it is necessary due to emergencies to make dental or medical appointments during school hours parents are then asked to inform the class teacher in advance so that the child may receive an attendance mark and be ready to leave school at the appropriate time or if arriving late in the morning arrangements can be made for lunch time.


If Junior children arrive after 8:45 a.m. they should report to the main office so their names can be entered in the register. We ask that parents let school know if children are going to be absent. After taking the register in the morning teachers inform the office of any child who is absent without a reason. If the office has not heard we will text home to check. We do this as a precaution and hope that it will happen rarely.

Also if children have been sick we would ask that parents allow them a 48 hour period after the sickness for recovery so that they do not return to school too early and end up passing the bugs on to others. Sometimes they can appear to be well and they insist they want to go to school (which we really admire!). However, our experience is that they are not, and parents are recalled to school.

Please note that, should you have to take holidays during term time, authorisation cannot be given. Absence Form is available below or from the school office.

School attendance 95.04%
National Average TBC 100%
School attendance 97.69%
National Average 96.3%
School attendance 91.1%
National Average 95.7%
2019-2020 (Autumn Term Only)
School attendance 97%
National Average 95.07%
School attendance 96.9%
National Average 95.71%
School attendance 96.4%
National Average 95.57%
School attendance 96.7%
National Average 95.59%
School attendance 96.6%
National Average 96%
School attendance 96.7%
National Average 96.1%