Warden Hill Primary School Cheltenham

10 out of 10!

Warden Hill once again took a team of 4 to participate in the annual Rotary Club general knowledge quiz, competing against schools from across Cheltenham.

The team, consisting of Sammy, Ved, Annabel and Noah, answered questions on science, geography, pop culture, sport, maths, grammar, history and general knowledge.

Some of our best correct answers were:

Whose death ultimately led to the commencement of the First World War? (Archduke Ferdinand)

Which state is separated by Israel? (Palestine)

Which is the only move in chess which allows the king to move more than one space? (Castling)

The team did an outstanding job, clinching a final round 10/10 to beat a formidable Lakeside team by a single point.
As winners, Warden Hill will be hosting the competition next year, looking to retain our title!

Well done team!

Year 6 Fieldwork

On Wednesday, our year 6 children went on their fieldwork study to Crickley Hill. The children first walked over from Leckhampton Hill and used their maps to track the route we were taking. On arrival, the children had three tasks to undertake: to hike for 1 mile up and down steep sections using a map to explore gradient, to examine how tourism has changed the area on the top of Crickley Hill and to identify local landmarks observable from the top and sketch the view. Finally, the children had to walk home from the top back to school.

It was a very long day for the children in very muddy conditions, but they did an outstanding job – gamely walking over 7 miles in all! There were plenty of sore legs at the end. Well done Year 6!

Chilling Adventures

Year 1 Explores Edward Wilson’s Antarctica Expedition at the Wilson Museum

On Tuesday, the 19th of March, Year 1 embarked on an exciting adventure to the Wilson Museum, delving into the remarkable journey of Edward Wilson to Antarctica.

Our young explorers had a blast examining artefacts, donning exploration attire, and even imagining the challenges of navigating across the icy terrain. They explored the cuisine of Antarctica and braved the cold, fostering a deeper appreciation for Wilson’s incredible expedition.

Small Broken Plastic Toy Recycling

On Monday 18th March it is Global Recycling Day.

Here at Warden Hill our Eco council are always looking for ways in which we can recycle more to help our environment.

One of our eco warriors, Henry Hughes, with the help of his parents, put forward to us the idea of recycling small, broken toys that can no longer be used or taken to charity shops. 

This is a fantastic way of preventing these plastic toys from going into landfill and it is definitely something that Warden Hill eco council want to support.

Therefore, a recycle unit will be in the corner of the practical room (After School Club room) so that it is easily accessible for children to deposit their small, broken plastic toys. The unit will be there all next week (18th – 22nd March). 


Reception children have been focusing on ‘I wonder how living things grow’ theme in the Spring Term.

Earlier this week they have welcomed ten egg-shaped visitors from The Living Eggs Project. It only look four days for the visitors to transform into very fluffy and very lively chicks. 

Look Who’s Talking

On Wednesday 6th March, we went to the Cheltenham Ladies’ College for the next round of the Look Who’s Talking competition.

We took Joseph, Noora and Rafa, our three winners from the school heats.
This time, they were against children from 11 other Cheltenham schools and they had to present their two minute speech to the judges on a topic of their choice.
All three were incredible. They spoke eloquently, confidently and passionately about their topics.

Both Joseph and Noora did exceptionally well and were awarded a highly commended by the judges.
Rafa, went one step better and won his section, so he now goes through to the Gloucestershire finals!

This is a tremendous achievement. We are so proud of all three of them and want to wish Rafa lots of luck for the next round.

Ruby’s Winning Design

On Thursday 29th February, representatives from Cheltenham Town Football Club came to Warden Hill for a very special reason.

In September, they launched a competition to design a new third kit jersey for their football team. The competition was open to young supporters aged 14 and under, and from over 100 entries, Ruby’s shirt was chosen as the winning design!

The competition was part of an awareness and fundraising campaign by the club to promote the work of the Child Poverty Action Group.

It was wonderful for Cheltenham Town Football Club to come in and celebrate Ruby’s success in front of her friends at school and they also presented us with football equipment to be used at Warden Hill, as well as a printed copy of Ruby’s shirt design! 

See the players wearing Ruby's design

World Book Day

March 7th marked World Book Day at Warden Hill. It was an afternoon filled with excitement, creativity, and, most importantly, a celebration of the joy of reading.

Our World Book Day was dedicated to sharing stories and fostering a love for reading among our students. As part of the day, teachers delighted their classes with a new tale, sparking imaginations and igniting a passion for storytelling. From Year 4 planting seeds inspired by the book Seed by Caryl Lewis to Year 1R taking inspiration from Michael Rosen’s Chocolate Cake book and making cakes, it was a great day for all!

One of the most special moments of the day was the opportunity for students to share their own stories with peers from different year groups. This storytelling sessions bridged age gaps, fostering connections and enhancing our sense of community at Warden Hill.

Throughout the day, there was a buzz of excitement surrounding reading. From the animated discussions about favourite books to the eager anticipation of discovering new stories, our school was alive with the joy of literature.

Thank you to all the staff and parents for their continued support in promoting reading at Warden Hill.