Warden Hill Primary School Cheltenham

Building Work Update


The scaffolders and bricklayers have made good progress, the painters have progressed further with the RIW. Next week will see us begin the intumescent paint of the steels, commence fire encasement around the steels and install the stone cills.


The blockwork and Bradstone has progressed up to and beyond the first-floor level on the main block and the masonry is up to eaves level on the field facing lower roof area. The masonry to the admin, plant room and hall area is constructed up to the first lift.  The optima lintels have been installed above the Ground floor windows.

Moving into the next two weeks we will be continuing with the masonry works up to roof level on the main block, the scaffolding will progress, the steel erectors will be installing steels at first floor level and around the hall parapet. The SFS systems to the first-floor main block and around the hall parapets will continue. The windows will be delivered and the steel fire protection works will commence.


We have poured the concrete to the first-floor slab, installed the first lift of scaffold around the two-story section of the building.

The blockwork and the bradstone is continuing to progress. Next week will see us continue with the masonry, continue the scaffold installation, and begin intumescent painting to the steels.


We have installed the first-floor metal decking, began installing the roof sheets and preparing for the top sheets. The blockwork is progressing, and we have also commenced the bradstone to the main block. Next week will see us lay the reinforcements to the first floor and pour the concrete, as well as continue the first lift of scaffolding.


This week we have installed the pre-cast concrete stairs, the roofing edge protection, netting, and commenced brickwork. Next week will see us continue masonry and commence the first-floor concrete deck along with the high-level roofing.


Bird’s eye view of the building work progress



We have completed the installation of the steel frame. Next week will see us install the stairs, begin blackjacking the steels and brickwork will commence.


This week we have completed the installation of the pre-cast concrete planks and began concreting around the bolt boxes. Next week will see us begin installing the steel frame.


This week we have completed the stormwater drainage. We have also installed a temporary ramp to the infant School and extended the artificial grass area as well as completing the substructure masonry. Next week will see us install the precast concrete planks and continue with the foul drainage.


This week we have continued putting in the drainage, completed the foundation pour, and commenced the substructure masonry.

Next week will see us continue the substructure masonry and continue putting in the drainage in preparation for the concrete planks the following week.



Building Work Schedule:


  • Concrete delivery for foundations.
  • Masonry (Block) deliveries commence


  • w/c 31st Jan Precast ground floor installation commences
  • w/c 14th February – Steel frame installation commences.


  • Installation of first floor metal deck flooring.
  • Concrete topping of the first floor
  • Masonry works ongoing


  • Masonry works and deliveries ongoing.
  • Roofing deliveries and installation commence – approx.




The new school will replace the existing building at the Cheltenham school with work starting on Monday, 22 November.

The ceremony, on Thursday, 11 November, was attended by Cllr Philip Robinson, Cabinet member for Economy, Education and Skills at Gloucestershire County Council, Cllr Emma Nelson, representatives of Warden Hill Primary School and the Gloucestershire County Council framework contractors, E G Carter & Co Ltd who are delivering the new school.