Warden Hill Primary School Cheltenham

Eco Warriors: The Everyday Plastic Survey

Eco Warriors: The Everyday Plastic Survey

As part of Cheltenham Science Festival, the Junior Eco Warriors took part in a unique national experiment – The Everyday Plastic Survey – to find out how much plastic they throw away and where it goes.
The children collected their plastic for a week, and analysed and recorded what they used. They then entered their data into the Everyday Plastic website to reveal their personal plastic footprint. The plastic footprint is a way of helping everyone to become aware of what we use and establishing a personal connection to the global plastic problem. The project is specifically designed not to preach, point fingers nor make us feel bad. Instead, it highlighted just how hard it is to avoid single-use plastic and suggests some small changes that make a massive impact.
The collective information on plastic used by the hundreds of households taking part will be revealed in a video as part of Cheltenham Science Festival, and will be free for everyone to watch until September. The data collected will be presented to businesses and the government to push for the change needed to help us reduce the amount of waste created.
More information can be found on www.everydayplasticsurvey.org

Eco Warriors: Crisp Packet Recycling

Eco Warriors: Crisp Packet Recycling

This term, the Eco Warriors have started a crisp packet recycling scheme.

They have created posters and PowerPoints to encourage everyone at Warden Hill to recycle their crisp packets.

Designated bins for crisp packets have been placed in each of the halls. Crisp packets can be sent in from home but please ensure that they are empty and not folded into triangles. The packets are then taken to a local collection point where Terracycle collect them and turn them into plastic pellets. These pellets are used by manufacturing companies to produce end-products, completing the journey of recycling. These end products may include outdoor furniture and decking, plastic shipping pallets, watering cans, storage containers and bins, tubes for construction applications, flooring tiles, playground surface covers and athletic fields.

Further information https://www.terracycle.com/en-GB/brigades/crisppacket

Eco Warriors: Seeds of Hope

Morrisons Seeds of Hope campaign
and veggie plot planting

Morrisons kindly donated sunflower seeds to the school as part of their Seeds of Hope campaign.

The Eco Warriors planted the seeds and looked after them in their classrooms, until they were big enough to plant out in our veggie plot. We are looking forward to seeing their flowers, which will bring a smile to everyone’s faces as well as attracting pollinators such as bees to our veggie plot.

The Eco Warriors have also used their green fingers to plant tomatoes, sweetcorn, french beans, courgettes, butternut squash, radishes and a giant pumpkin. We are keeping our fingers crossed for a bumper harvest this year!