Warden Hill Primary School Cheltenham

Eco Warriors

At Warden Hill we are delighted with our Eco-Schools Green Flag as it is a constant reminder of the ecological achievements of our Eco Warriors and it is our aim to inspire the next generation of innovative, inspirational environmentalists to make considered choices which help to protect our planet.

At our school, each class has an Eco Warrior representative, elected by their peers each term, after they have given a short presentation to show how they will meet the roles and responsibilities of being an Eco Warrior. The group meet every week with Mrs Catchpole and Mrs Taylor (Eco Warrior Coordinators) to work on our identified action plan target areas which are: Global Citizenship, Transport and Waste. 

We are very proud of our Eco Warriors and the way they continually amaze us with their ideas, the way they work hard to raise awareness of environmental issues and how they have actively engaged in helping to make our school more environmentally friendly.


This year, the Eco Warriors wanted to reduce the amount of litter in their local park, so that it is not a danger to wildlife or other park users. They were also concerned that the amount of plastic litter found in the park could potentially enter our rivers and oceans. They know how important it is to reduce the amount of plastic in the sea, as they have researched how marine animals can be affected by ingesting or becoming entangled in plastic.

Actions taken:

Visits to local park to carry out a litter pick, with Bournside and Parish councillor – Graham Beale.
Eco members created anti-litter posters, to be displayed around the school and in the local park.
Eco code created to encourage children to put their litter in the bin.
Litter pick around school
Global Citizenship

The Eco Warriors were concerned about the plight of many of the endangered animals in their world. They wanted to do something to help, as part of being a global citizen.

Actions taken:

Children researched animals, which have be identified as endangered by WWF.
Children learnt about why different animals are now endangered e.g poaching, habitat loss.
Children raised £48.50 for WWF to support the work they do to help to protect Giant Pandas.


The Eco Warriors were aware of how many items end up in landfill, when they could have been recycled or reused. The wanted to take action to reduce waste in our school community, by raising awareness of how items can be recycled/reused.


Children researched ‘Fast Fashion’ and found out about how many clothing items end up in landfill.
Children held a pre-loved Christmas jumper sale – proceeds of which were used to sponsor a Giant Panda
Children held several sales of school items, which were no longer needed as a result of us moving into our new building. They raised over £200, which will be spent developing the outside space of our new school.