Warden Hill Primary School Cheltenham

Football Season is Over

The football season has finally come to an end! It got off to a flying start with the Albert Dix tournament, which feels like a very long time ago, before we hit the ground running in our first set of group fixtures. We were victorious in every one of our autumn fixtures, landing us deservedly at the top of our group. This included a scintillating win over St. James and a closely-fought match against Leckhampton on the Bournside Astroturf.

Sitting at the top of our group meant the competition for the spring fixtures would really step up a notch, and step up it did! The second half of our season required resilience, determination and positivity. Traits which our players demonstrated in abundance. We were certainly unfortunate in some of the fixtures but we continued to play outstanding football and develop our chemistry as a team. This set of matches included a defeat at St. Gregorys, who actually went on to become the overall winners of the Cheltenham leagues.

Our season finished with what can only be described as a ‘mud-bath match’ against Lakeside on the final day of term. The pitch was reminiscent of a swamp and the ball spent most of the game floating on the puddles! However, it was certainly a match that the players enjoyed and one they will remember. See picture for post-match mud-diving outcomes.

I would like to say a huge thank you to all of the players who have been involved in our football matches this season. You have represented Warden Hill tremendously well and we are incredibly proud of your accomplishments and the dedication you have shown.

Finally, another huge thank you to all of you who came to transport, watch and cheer (or stand under the shelter to stay dry). Your support means so much to us, and the players, as it allows us to give our children these opportunities. It’s been a fantastic season.

We will no doubt see some of you at our cricket or athletics competitions in the summer. Hopefully the sun will be shining.