Warden Hill Primary School Cheltenham


The Governing Body oversees the school’s management and aims to ensure that all children at the school get the best possible education and are able to make the most of all the opportunities that come their way.

Each month one of the Governors will make themselves available and will come into the school to find out how things are going, visit at least one class, chat with staff and parents and answer any questions relating to the school.

This page is designed to ensure you can recognise who our Governors are, which sub-committee they are assigned to and also to learn a little more about them. If there is something you would like to bring to the Governors’ attention, you are welcome to talk to any member or to email chair@wardenhill.gloucs.sch.uk


James Antonious – Staff Governor
Cheryl Cummings – Parent Governor
Lynda Dineen – Co-Chair
Georgina Flooks – Headteacher


John Ashenhurst – Chair of Business Committee
Neil Chamberlain – Co-Chair
Michael Dixon – Vice Chair
Georgina Flooks – Headteacher
Matt Pearce – Parent Governor
Antonia Watts – Parent Governor

We are privileged to act as Co-Chairs of the Warden Hill Governing Body. We are Neil Chamberlain, Parent Governor and Lynda Dineen, Co-opted Governor.

For the last three years we have acted as Co-Vice Chairs and have seen the school continue to flourish, pupils prosper and staff develop their diverse skills under the strong leadership of Mrs. Flooks, our head teacher.

Governors work on behalf of the children, parents, and staff at Warden Hill, to make sure that the school is giving the best education possible to all our pupils. Amongst many other things, we observe, get involved, support and challenge, to ensure that the school is well resourced, the budget is allocated and spent wisely and that staff provide an innovative, structured, sustainable, and safe environment for learning.

Our Governors are in the main not teachers and draw from diverse backgrounds and skills to fulfil their roles. Full Governing Body Meetings are held every term and there are two main committees, the Business Committee and the Curriculum and Standards Committee.

Neil was elected as a Parent Governor when his daughter started in Reception at Warden Hill. He serves on the Business Committee. Neil works in the charity sector and brings with him a wealth of business knowledge.

Lynda has been involved in education since the age of four, when she lined up her toys and read stories to them. Subsequently, she went into teaching and after working in a number of schools in Sheffield and Gloucestershire, she became a head teacher. Before she retired, she worked as Head Teacher Support for the Local Authority and worked with over one hundred heads in the county. She serves on the Curriculum and Standards Committee.

Neil and Lynda are grateful to Mike Dixon, our previous Chair, who has stepped back but continues to support them in the role of Vice Chair. As Chair he worked in a measured and calm way and made a huge contribution to school life. We are lucky that he remains on the Governing Board.

Our Governing Body is strong but there are sometimes opportunities for new people to get involved. We have Parent Governors, Co-opted Governors, and Local Authority Governors. When vacancies arise the school community is informed. If you have a commitment to the success of Warden Hill pupils and are willing to give up time to get involved, look out for vacancies.

Meanwhile, we look forward to working with the school community. All of our Governors are approachable and if you have any concerns or wish to celebrate aspects of school life, please get in touch.

The Head Teacher and Senior Leadership Team manage the day-to-day running of the school. The Governors work with them to determine the aims, objectives and policies, in accordance with all the relevant legislations. This involves looking at all the information and making decisions on, for example, the future direction of the school and how the budget should be spent. This is all done with the intention of giving the pupils at Warden Hill Primary School the best education possible. As Governors are volunteers, they need to be passionate about this as they often have to fit meetings in around busy work and/or home lives.

The Governing Body is made up of parents, staff, Local Education Authority representatives, and people who represent the local community and partnership angles. Associate members are also appointed to give advice on specific aspects where appropriate. Governors work as a team, both as a Full Governing Body and in sub-committees (Business Committee and Curriculum and Standards Committee), where a lot of the in-depth work is done.