Warden Hill Primary School Cheltenham

Ice Cream Fridays are Back

Hooray! Ice Cream Fridays are back this week (weather permitting and with a few changes!)

If Ice Cream Fridays are new to you then you have a treat in store, but for everyone they will work a little differently this year due to the building work.

We sell our delicious range of local artisan Winstones ice creams using the fresh milk and cream from quality assured local farms. The ice creams are served by Year 6s – something they have looked forward to for years and there is great competition as to who is going to serve each week.

What is different this year – where to buy you tokens and how to get to the ice creams

We will sell tokens at the front of the school by the side of the white railings from about 3.00 each Friday

In order for all children to leave safely and meet their parents we will get all the Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children round the side of the school to be collected by parents before anyone is allowed back to buy ice creams. Once those children have been collected, I will announce to parents and children that they can walk around the outside of the school and follow the signs to go on to the field and back to outside the Year 1 classrooms to buy ice creams and lollies.

Once you have got your ice creams feel free to enjoy them on the field or on your way back home.
You will need to get back to the front of the school site by 4 so that we can secure the site.

As always you need to purchase a token to swap it for an ice cream or lolly.
I am afraid we have had to put our ice cream prices up as our costs have risen by 20 – 30% since last year.

Ice cream tokens

£2 for 1 token
£6 for 4 tokens (This works out at £1.50 each – left over tokens can be used in future weeks).

Ice lolly tokens (a different token) are still priced at £1 each.

Take your token to a table selling the flavour you want – look out for the signs. Beware a queue develops quickly. Give in your token and you will be given that flavour ice cream in a cone, you can help yourself to a flake if you like. If you want another ice cream of a different flavour tell the Y6 child who is scooping and they will get it for you (you don’t have to queue all over again).
A free teaspoon of sprinkles are available from the ice lolly table.

If your child goes to After School Club then they can bring money or a token and the club leaders will make sure they do not miss out.
If rain looks imminent then we will probably cancel that week (I am always watching the clouds and my rain app).

There is obviously no pressure or obligation to buy ice creams. We see this as a treat for the children and a chance to raise some money for the school. The Year 6s love selling they ice creams, but it can be quite hard for them to scoop and it is always very busy, so we ask for your patience.

Thanks for your support,
Mark Bailey