Warden Hill Primary School Cheltenham

Maths Week

Warden Hill had an amazing maths week, where the children enjoyed quizzes, puzzles and challenges. It has been amazing to hear the Year 4 children say “Maths is cool.” and “Wow those children in the 24 challenge were amazing.”

The week began with a maths magic show from Mr Antonious. Farah in Year 3 said “That show was mindboggling,” and Noora in Year 3 gave the show a 10/10 rating. At the end of the show, the children were challenged to try and work out how Mr Antonious did the tricks. He was amazed by how many children came to him over the week with the right answers. Well done to Thomas in Year 5, Vincent in Year 3 and Millie A in Year 3 who supplied the correct answers first.

As part of maths week, we had our annual competition for the House Maths Cup, which combined a TTrockstar competition, year group 24 challenges and a 24 challenge finale in the hall. The children demonstrated excellent mental maths throughout the finale and it finished with Coln being victorious but the margin of victory was only one question. However, when the scores from the finale were added to the TTrockstar competition and the year group 24 challenges the overall winning house was Windrush.

The excitement continued during maths week, when the juniors competed in their houses to complete challenging Escape Boxes (A twist on Escape Rooms!). The children needed to use their maths skills to crack codes, find patterns and work together to remove padlocks and unlock secret compartments. The infants continued maths week with hands on problem solving puzzles and Kahoot quizzes. There was a great buzz around school all week and the maths team looks forward to next year’s events.