Welcome from the School Council

We have an active School Council at Warden Hill Primary School which consists of one child to represent each class.

Elections are held at the start of each term (in September, January and after Easter). Children who choose to stand for election, make a brief speech or presentation to their class and then the children vote for the person they would like to represent their class for that term. Having an election each term means more children can have a turn at being a part of the School Council if they wish to.

The School Council meet with a variety of stakeholders, including Governors, Headteacher but meet regularly with Mrs Bloomfield to discuss a variety of school issues. In the past we have raised money to purchase playground games, organised energy saving initiatives and chosen themes for non-uniform days.

Autumn Term Focus:
Anti-bullying, Equality and Hate Policy and Positive Behaviour Policy. Children are inputting into these policies. They will also be leading assemblies on these themes. They are also organising the Anti-Bullying Day alongside hundreds of other schools on Tuesday 12 November: Odd-Socks Day

Welcome from the Eco Warriors

Our school is very proud to have registered as an Eco School which recognises our commitment to developing strategies that sustain and enhance resources and the environment.

Eco Warriors meet every week with Mrs Catchpole (Eco Warriors Coordinator). Each class has an Eco Warriors representative who are elected by the pupils each term.

During the meeting the children share ideas, maintain and plant the school vegetable plot and run competitions which help our school to work towards achieving our Eco Schools targets.

Autumn Term Focus: Choosing a new tree for the school grounds. Children will be meeting with Mr Chris Chavasse (Cheltenham Tree Officer) to discuss the most appropriate options.
We’ve reduced single-use plastic in school by changing our milk options at break.
We are currently voting for which plant we would like to look after in our classrooms.

We have had busy year already with the Eco Warriors organising two recycling collection schemes for both batteries and pumpkins. www.nationalschoolspartnership.com/initiatives/bigbatteryhunt/


Our vegetable plot was awarded the best school garden in the Up Hatherley Summer Garden Competition in July 2018, and we enjoyed harvesting the vegetables this term.


We were particularly impressed with our pumpkins this year which Upper Key Stage 2 Eco Warriors used to cook delicious pumpkin soup.