Warden Hill Primary School Cheltenham

School Council On-Site Visit

This term’s school council members donned helmets and hi-vis jackets to be taken on a visit to the new school by the site manager. They were able to see first-hand the layout and how far the building programme is coming on.

‘I was surprised by how much they have already done, said Alex (Year 5). Cameron (Year 4) thought the windows were really big.

‘I was excited to see how the hall looked,’ announced Archie (Year 4). The group were able to work out where all the classrooms were as well as going up one of the set of stairs.

‘I like the idea of having a glass floor to look down,’ declared Chloe (Year 3) when we were shown this upstairs.

The signed steels seemed to really interest the group. ‘I was fascinated to see them actually up, said Thomas (Year 3).

Next year, School Council will be able to go on another visit with the new members.