Warden Hill Primary School Cheltenham


Our biggest sporting week of the year has taken place this past week with all children taking part in netball, rounders, ultimate frisbee and to culminate the week our athletics in sports day. The children have represented the houses with such passion and determination, not to mention the quality of the sport we’ve had on show.

The week began with our rounders in which our infant children took part in kick rounders, and the juniors in the more traditional rounders format. Windrush were the eventual winners of our first house event in 2021.

Tuesday afternoon saw our infant children taking part in their sports day. The children each competed in a running race, an obstacle race and the following day competing in the much-loved water race. Everyone had an incredible time particularly Mrs Hill, who found herself drenched by some very keen Churn children!

On Wednesday the key stage two children took part in our field events involving standing long jump, shotput, vortex throw, discus and, for the upper key stage two children, standing triple jump. Once again everyone took part and competed for their house earning points for their performances as they went.

On Wednesday afternoon we had our ultimate frisbee tournament which saw year six representatives from each house competing in a round robin style tournament. The results of this tournament combined with the scores of the skills events which all children took part in on Thursday, saw Coln crowned ultimate frisbee champions for this year.

On Thursday afternoon we had our key stage two sports day. This involved a sprint race involving all of our children, relay races with boys and girls competing for their houses, and a long distance race – 400 m for year three, 600 m for years four and five, and a full 800 m for year six. As well as the incredible talent on show, what was brilliant to see was the fantastic sportsmanship on display from all children, as well as the determination and perseverance to perform at the best of the children’s ability for themselves and their houses. The ultimate prize of the week – our house athletics cup – combined the scores from the infant sports day, field events and junior track events. Churn were the eventual winners of the most coveted of prizes!

Our final event, house netball took place on Friday. Once again, all children competed in scale drills which and some points for their house across the morning. The afternoon then concluded with a tournament for the Y6 house representatives. For the second event this week, Coln were the winners, adding more yellow ribbons to our trophy cabinet at school.

Well done to everyone for your participation this week.