Warden Hill Primary School Cheltenham

Y6 Literature Festival: Varsha Shah: Ajay and the Jaipur Moon

Varsha Shah: Ajay and the Jaipur Moon

Hot off the press! Meet author Varsha Shah as she introduces Ajay, a young news reporter living on the Mumbai railways, fighting for justice in modern day India with the help of his friends. Uncover the inspiration behind her crew of determined characters, learn about newspapers and how to design your own
and get tips and tools to create your own adventure stories.

Y6 Literature Festival: Phil Earle and Lesley Parr: History and Mystery

Phil Earle and Lesley Parr: History and Mystery

Phil Earle and Lesley Parr share the creative inspirations behind their fictional historical novels with author Candy Gourlay. While Phil’s third WW2 novel is told through the eyes of a stray dog, Lesley’s new mystery is set in 1974 during the miners’ strikes. Together they discuss their research processes and talk about their personal paths into writing.

Y3 Literature Festival: Dom Conlon and A.F. Harrold: Welcome to Wild Town

Dom Conlon and A.F. Harrold: Welcome to Wild Town

Do you dare to explore Wild Town? Embark on an exciting poetry adventure with celebrated poets Dom Conlon and A.F. Harrold. In Wild Town nothing’s locked inside a cage, danger leaps off from the page and wild is a fact of life. Create animal poems of your own and let your imagination run wild.

Y5 Literature Festival: Thomas Taylor: Eerie-on-Sea Mysteries

Thomas Taylor: Eerie-on-Sea Mysteries

Join master of monsters, magic and mystery Thomas Taylor on a tour of the marvellous world of Eerie-on-Sea. With the help of his travelling trunk of trinkets, this author and illustrator shares the inspiration behind his book series and how his imagination grew the fictional town. You’ll also learn why he set the story in a hotel and how to create a sense of intrigue and suspense in your writing.



Y6 Literature Festival: Natasha Farrant: Protest Writing

Natasha Farrant: Protest Writing

How far would you go to protect the world you love? Costa Award-winning author Natasha Farrant’s new book The Rescue of Ravenwood is a beautiful, soulful and exciting story about conservation and guarding the extraordinary nature that surrounds us. Natasha will introduce pupils to the themes in the book and lead them through a fun, persuasive creative writing activity inspired by the characters’ climactic eco-protest.

Y4 Literature Festival: The Brothers McLeod: Creating Comics

The Brothers McLeod: Creating Comics

Join The Brothers McLeod – author, poet, screenwriter Myles and animator, illustrator and director Greg – the creators of the hilarious Knight Sir Louis series. Join Myles and Greg to create your own knight character before writing a comedy adventure for your character in a workshop packed with comics, drawing and lots of laughs.

Y2 Literature Festival: Benji Davies – Storm Whale

Benji Davies – Storm Whale

What would you do if you found a little whale washed up on the beach? Join author and illustrator Benji Davies for a lively morning of story readings and live drawing as he presents his new book The Great Storm Whale and celebrates 10 years of his classic picture book, The Storm Whale. Discover where Benji gets his story ideas from and join in the live audience draw along.

Y4 Literature Festival: Joshua Seigal: Who Let the Words Out?

Joshua Seigal: Who Let the Words Out?

Enter a world of creative word-play with winner of the Laugh Out Loud Awards, poet and educator Joshua Seigal as he performs poems full of raucous humour, creativity and wit from his latest collection Who Let the Words Out? Let your imagination run wild as words take on whole new meanings in this interactive event where you’ll take part in a unique word-play writing challenge.


Y1 Literature Festival: Rob Biddulph: The Blue-Footed Booby

Rob Biddulph: The Blue-Footed Booby

Come along for a fun-packed picture book session with award-winning author and illustrator Rob Biddulph. With live drawing and storytelling, Rob brings to life many of his stories and characters including The Blue Footed Booby and his new character Gigantic, a small whale with a big heart. Have your pencils and paper ready for one of Rob’s famous draw-alongs.

YR Literature Festival: Sophy Henn – Lifesize Animals

Sophy Henn: Lifesize Animals

How do you measure up against some of the world’s most amazing animals? Step into the pages of author and illustrator Sophy Henn’s playful picture book series featuring Lifesize illustrations of some of the world’s smallest and largest animals. Take part in the animal challenges, learn some incredible facts and draw along with Sophy in this fun, interactive event.