Warden Hill Primary School Cheltenham

Take One Book Week

Warden Hill is welcoming back Take One Book Week on Monday 12th June.

The purpose of this week is to allow the children to explore and delve deeper into a novel, chosen carefully by our wonderful teachers that allows for rich and inspiring learning across the curriculum. The chosen novel will also inspire other areas of the curriculum ensuring that the children produce high quality outcomes in many subject areas.

This week has the potential to open up different reading worlds to the children, scaffold deeper understanding of a narrative along with supporting and inspiring writing.

Here is a list of books that the different year groups will be learning from:

Reception: Supertato by Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet
Year 1: Man on the Moon by Simon Bartram
Year 2: The Night Gardener by Eric Fan and The Fan Brothers
Year 3: Journey by Aaron Becker
Year 4: A Midsummer Night’s Dream by Shakespeare
Year 5: Varmints by Helen Ward and Marc Craste
Year 6: The Savage by David Almond

Why not ask your child about the book they are studying during this week!