Warden Hill Primary School Cheltenham

Welcome from the Chair of Governors

I am delighted to write my first letter as the Chair of Warden Hill School Governors to say hello.

My family and I have been part of Warden Hill for a little over 6 years now, having recently seen our son progress to senior school and our daughter move into year 3. Above all I am a dad, and I have no doubt that our children receive a rich education, with attention to individual need and care for mental health. You will already know the whole team are “outstanding”, but what you may not realise is, they themselves are encouraged, and are willing to seek opportunities to continually innovate, learn and grow. This I must attribute to Mrs Flooks, along with her leadership team, who create and maintain such a healthy and progressive environment.

Of course, much of what I have said you will already know, so why repeat it? Well, simply put, it is my motivation for this role. Governors work on behalf of the children and parents, to make sure the school is giving the best education possible. We observe and, sometimes, challenge to ensure the teachers have the resources they need and that the school provides a sustainable, safe and suitable setting.

The governors are, in the main, not teachers and draw from diverse backgrounds and skills to fulfill the role. Irrespective of common misconception, we are just ordinary people who care about the school. Part of my role is to help when things don’t go smoothly, and I welcome anyone who feels unhappy to get in touch. But also, please let us know when things are going well, or if you feel that perhaps someone should be recognised for going the extra mile.

I have just two final points to make, one to the past and one to the future. My predecessor Tim Connole stood down after many years as an extremely effective chair. Tim is a professional educator himself and brought with him a wealth of knowledge and experience that will be missed. Tim left to focus on his ever more demanding job. I sincerely thank him for all he has done and wish Tim, along with his family, all the very best for the future.

So finally, to the future. Very soon we will be calling for new parent governors and we are very keen to hear from everyone that might be interested. Could you be a governor? I don’t have a degree, and I am dyslexic, but what I have is passion to do the best for our children, which I know many of you share. If you can offer an opinion and are willing to help our school to develop, then you are qualified.

If you have any questions about the role, please drop me an email chair@wardenhill.gloucs.sch.uk or grab me in the playground.

I look forward to working with you.

Michael Dixon
Chair of Governors