Warden Hill Primary School Cheltenham

Year 2: Nature in Art Trip

Year 2 went to Nature in Art on a school trip and we made clay bugs, wire butterflies and did a sculpture trail. My favourite sculpture was the Whale Tail. We also did pond dipping and I found a bloodworm. We were really luck because we saw Rosalind Wise who is an artist. We saw her giant painting ‘The Cycle of Flowers’ and it was very colourful. What a magnificent sight!

A few weeks ago, Year 2 went on a school trip to Nature in Art. We did lots of amazing activities. First, we made beautiful beetle and butterfly clay sculptures. Then, it was time to go out and do our sculpture hunt and my favourite sculpture was the Golden Eagle because it looked so beautiful and shiny. After that, my group explored the pond and did some pond dipping. I caught lots of blood worms. Finally, we saw lots of beautiful paintings created by Rosalind Wise and we were very lucky because we saw Rosalind in real life and we were able to ask her questions. What an amazing trip it was!