Welcome to Year 2

Our year 2 children are now the top of the infant department; juniors is fast approaching. The aim for children in Year 2 is to become more independent in their school life and develop the necessary skills for a smooth transition into the juniors. The children gain confidence in speaking and listening to others as well as understanding and improving their own learning. It is amazing how quickly our year 2 children become ready for their new experiences in year 3.

Children continue to have an active role in school life through our school council, eco council and science ambassador programmes, creating links with other children and adults across the school community to which they belong.
Children experience a wide range of themes in year 2, enabling them to explore the curriculum in an inspiring way. Highlights of the year include our ‘How can we be superheroes?’ theme, creating comic strips and learning about real life superheroes; ‘The Great Fire of London’, culminating in a re-enactment of the events of 1666; and our investigation of how toys have changed over time.

Our children love learning and succeed across all areas of the curriculum, developing a positive attitude and growth mindset which will stay with them for life.

Year 2 Teachers and Teaching Assistants

Mr Herbert (2H Class Teacher)
Mrs Harrison (2W Class Teacher)
Mrs Smith (2W Class Teacher)
Mrs Hill (Teaching Assistant)
Ms Albertsen (Teaching Assistant)
Mrs Gregson (Teaching Assistant)

Useful Resources

Religious Studies