Welcome to Year 3

In Year 3, our children become Stone Age experts, European explorers, poets, geologists and Ancient Egyptian archaeologists.

We understand the importance of a smooth and enjoyable transition from Key Stage 1 to the juniors. We guide and support each child through this journey to help them become more independent and grow in confidence.

In Year 3, each child is given the opportunity and encouragement to celebrate their achievements and individuality. Our children are given many different experiences and opportunities to help develop their knowledge and understanding. Every year, they look forward to dressing up as Egyptians and Stone Age hunters during our experience days and also relish the opportunity to take their learning outside the classroom and visit sites such as Avebury Stones and watch authors at the literature festival. It’s an action-packed start to life in the juniors!

Year 3 Teachers and Teaching Assistants

Miss Barrett (3W Class Teacher)
Mr Bridgwood (3H Class Teacher)
Mrs Davis (Teaching Assistant)
Mrs Stafford (Teaching Assistant)
Mrs Tustin (Teaching Assistant)

Useful Resources