Warden Hill Primary School Cheltenham

Welcome to Year 5

Year 5 is an exciting year where the children are involved in engaging and challenging activities. We encourage them to take more responsibility for their learning by developing their independence and resilience. We also ensure that they have opportunities to work with others, focusing on team work and communication skills. They gain a sense of belonging through these interactions with their peers, as well participation in a range of house events.

This year, we explore different time periods to answer key questions about the past including ‘How has crime and punishment changed throughout history? What was life like for women in Tudor times including the wives of Henry VIII? How has Cheltenham High Street changed over time?’

Our teaching develops our children’s knowledge of their world, encouraging them to think as global citizens by focusing on the causes and the impact of deforestation in Brazil and the Amazon rainforest.

Our planning provides diverse opportunities for the children to succeed and develop their creativity. They enjoy constructing frame structures, using electrical systems and cooking savoury muffins. The children explore how artists portray emotions, create their own Tudor inspired portrait, as well as studying the work of South American artist Beatriz Milhazes.

They enjoy taking their learning outside of the classroom, using our school environment and on trips to ‘We the Curious’ and Cheltenham high street. The children also develop their awareness of how they can keep themselves and others safe, during a brilliant and informative visit to SkillZone in Gloucester.

We are so proud of what the children achieve by the end of the year, and they are too!