Warden Hill Primary School Cheltenham

Year 6 PGL

Thursday 13 July

Another jam packed day with more water activities, problem solving and harness based activities for everyone, capped by a group photo op in disco outfits! Our final full day has now been and gone and we’re in the midst of packing – we’ll see you tomorrow!!

Wednesday 12 July

Another amazing day with lots of smiles and proud faces. Many children had their favourite activities so far in raft building and giant swing – one more full day culminating in a final ship visit and the much anticipated disco to come!

Tuesday 11 July

Our first full day was a unanimous hit – all children had 4 activities in their group – including

Two ‘harness-based’ activities – and have been doing themselves and us proud across the board. We had our first of two shop trips at lunchtime where a fair few packets of sweets (and the odd momento) were bought. A much nicer evening weather-wise and slightly quieter, earlier night with plenty of tired faces… bleary eyes this morning at our 7.05 breakfast!

Monday 10 July

Damp but fun first night in our accommodation following a game of Passport to the World around the site. Up early for breakfast and a morning of Jacob’s Ladder and Fencing or Buggy Build and Archery.