Year 6 have made it!

They are now the top of the school; secondary school is fast approaching. The main aim for your child in Year 6 is to take full responsibility for every area of their school life. From being House Captains, to taking on the all-important ‘door monitor’ jobs, Year 6 pupils lead the school in many ways.

After being elected by their peers, representatives for each house take on many roles within our house events. Leading younger children in sporting activities; being the face of the winning house in our various inter-house challenges; along with the important every day duties all help to build well-rounded young people.

You may have had the pleasure of a tour of our school, guided by one of our Year 6 ambassadors – their enthusiasm, honesty and pride in their school demonstrates the impact of time spent in our safe, secure and stimulating environment. In preparation for secondary school, the children are expected to keep track of homework and key dates in their personal diaries.

We encourage independence in managing their time and organising their personal belongings, as well as in their learning. Through all of this hard work, we find that children are more than ready to move on with confidence and resilience. Alongside all of the core curriculum areas, Year 6 children experience a varied, rich and fulfilling range of learning opportunities.

Year 6 Teachers and Teaching Assistants

Mr Williams (6W Class Teacher)
Mrs Andrews (6H Class Teacher)
Mrs Field (Teaching Assistant)
Mrs Chavasse (Teaching Assistant)

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